Japan Records No Daily Cases As Of Sunday Morning

Japan records no daily cases as of Sunday morning

Japan's health authorities say the country has not recorded any new coronavirus cases on Sunday as of 11:30 a.m.

The total number of confirmed infections stands at 15,777, including people who tested positive at airport quarantine stations.

There are an additional 712 cases from the Diamond Princess cruise ship, which was quarantined in Yokohama, bringing the total to16,489.

The national death toll stands at 637, including 13 from the cruise ship.

By prefecture, Tokyo tops the list with 4,846 cases, followed by Osaka with 1,732, Kanagawa with 1,156, and Saitama with 959.

Hokkaido has 945 cases, Chiba has 873, Hyogo has 688, Fukuoka has 653, and Aichi has 501.

Officials say there have been 310 confirmed cases at airport quarantine stations and among crew members of the Costa Atlantica cruise ship docked in Nagasaki.

Fourteen cases were found among those who returned to Japan from China on government-chartered planes.

Health officials say 270 people remain in serious condition, including four from the Diamond Princess, as of Saturday.

A total of 8,778 people, including 651 from the Diamond Princess, have recovered and left hospital.