Japan Rejects Compensation For N.korean Crew

Japan rejects compensation for N.Korean crew

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga has rejected North Korea's demand for financial compensation following a collision between ships from the two countries in the Sea of Japan.

A Japanese Fisheries Agency patrol vessel and a North Korean fishing boat collided in Japan's exclusive economic zone off Ishikawa Prefecture on October 7. The North Korean boat sank but its crew was rescued by the agency's vessel. The crew members were handed over to another North Korean ship.

North Korea said on Saturday that the lives of the crew members were threatened. It demanded Japan pay damages and take measures to prevent a recurrence.

Suga told reporters on Tuesday that Japan absolutely cannot accept the North Korean demand and has swiftly lodged a protest to Pyongyang through diplomatic routes in Beijing.

He added that the government is considering when it will release video footage of the collision.