Japan Rescue Team In Sichuan Quake Visits Beijing

Japan rescue team in Sichuan quake visits BeijingJapanese rescue workers have met with their Chinese counterparts to discuss ways to better provide joint assistance in future disasters.

The 15 members are part of an emergency aid team that was dispatched to China's Sichuan province following the 2008 magnitude-8 earthquake. They were invited by the China-Japan Friendship Association.

The members on Wednesday visited a training facility for rescue workers on the outskirts of Beijing.

They were thanked for the support Japan provided during the disaster, and for the Japanese firefighters who are currently serving as instructors at the facility.

The group viewed the training area where several buildings resemble those that have collapsed in a quake, and discussed ways to jointly tackle disasters in the future.

On Thursday, the members will visit a hospital in Chongzhou city in Sichuan, where a Japanese team provided medical rescue services. They will also travel to Beichuan County, one of the worst-hit areas, to speak with residents and local officials.

via NHK