Japan's Cable Tv To Start 4k Broadcasting

Japan's cable TV to start 4K broadcastingCable television companies in Japan will launch a channel in December that exclusively offers 4K programs with much sharper images than current high-definition broadcasts.
Sources say the Japan Cable and Telecommunications Association will launch the 4K channel on December 1st.

They say the 4K channel will air programs made by cable TV stations around the country that mainly feature local history, arts and culture shows.

Viewers need a new cable TV tuner and a 4K television set to watch the channel.

At its launch, the 4K channel will be available only to about half of the 26-million households now watching cable TV.
4K content is already available from pay-television operators and online video distributors.

In Japan, NHK and commercial broadcasters plan to start test broadcasts in the 4K format next year on their satellite channels.