Japan, S.korea Argue At Iaea Over Wastewater

Japan, S.Korea argue at IAEA over wastewater

Japan and South Korea have reportedly exchanged conflicting views at a board meeting of the international nuclear watchdog, over the issue of radioactive wastewater from the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

The International Atomic Energy Agency Board of Governors discussed nuclear safety on Monday, at a closed-door session in Vienna.

Ambassador Takeshi Hikihara is said to have explained that Japan has provided scientific evidence and information in a transparent manner, to show how it has been dealing with the aftermath of the nuclear accident.

A South Korean representative reportedly said that Seoul hopes Tokyo will take more effective steps to release information in a more detailed and transparent manner.

The Japanese representative responded that Japan has explained to the international community, including South Korea, the importance of public health and marine environment issues related to the Fukushima Daiichi plant.

Last Thursday, South Korea sent a letter to the IAEA. It conveyed Seoul's concern over radioactive wastewater, which continues to accumulate at the Fukushima Daiichi plant. The country has called for the IAEA to play a more active role.

Seoul is also expected to raise the issue at an IAEA annual meeting that begins next Monday. More than 160 member countries are planning to attend.