Japan, S.korea Meet Over Trade Row

Japan, S.Korea meet over trade row

Senior officials from Japan and South Korea are sitting down together in Tokyo, in a bid to resolve a bilateral trade dispute.

The meeting is the first of its kind since Japan tightened export controls on some high-tech materials sold to South Korea.

The bureau-chief level meeting is taking place at the Japanese trade ministry. The two countries last held the trade policy talks in June of 2016.

Japan tightened the export controls in July, citing security reasons. They cover three high-tech materials exported to South Korea.

The move affected the country's semiconductor manufacturers and added tension to bilateral relations that had deteriorated over a wartime labor issue.

Japanese officials say they want to confirm what progress Seoul has made in terms of the number of its trade-control personnel and legislation.

The South Korean side is expected to try to persuade Tokyo to loosen its measures.