Japan Student Exchange To Christchurch Suspended

Japan student exchange to Christchurch suspended

Kamaishi City in northeastern Japan has suspended a student exchange program to Christchurch, New Zealand, following last week's mass shooting there.

Kamaishi was hit by a quake and tsunami in March, 2011 and began sending local junior high school students to New Zealand in fiscal 2013.

The two cities share the love for rugby and reconstruction efforts following natural disasters.

Christchurch was hit by a powerful earthquake in February 2011, which claimed the lives of more than 180 people, including 28 Japanese.

Six students from Kamaishi were scheduled to leave last Saturday, on a 10-day trip that includes staying at local homes. But the trip was canceled following the deadly shooting incident in Christchurch the day before.

The city is considering sending the students next fiscal year.