Japan To Carefully Examine Hormuz Coalition Plan

Japan to carefully examine Hormuz coalition plan

The Japanese government plans to carefully decide on a possible role in the US-proposed coalition to ensure security in the Strait of Hormuz.

US President Donald Trump's administration announced the initiative earlier this month amid growing tension with Iran.

US officials gave a briefing to foreign diplomats at the State Department on Friday. Officials from the Japanese Embassy in Washington attended the meeting.

US officials reportedly asked countries for cooperation with the initiative, but senior Japanese Foreign Ministry officials say Japan's government was not asked to provide any specific cooperation.

A senior Defense Ministry official said that in the current situation, Japan has no plan to dispatch the Self-Defense Forces, and that the government will monitor the situation closely.

The official also said that without substantive information on what roles the coalition will play, the government cannot decide whether it is possible to dispatch SDF units.

Arrangements are being made for US National Security Advisor John Bolton to visit Japan this week. Based on the talks with Bolton and how other countries respond to the initiative, the Japanese government plans to carefully consider what it can do.