Japan To Control Airspace For New Haneda Flights

Japan to control airspace for new Haneda flights

Japan's transport ministry is to start work on plans to take control of some of the airspace over part of Tokyo after the Japanese government and US military came to terms with new flight routes for Tokyo's Haneda Airport.

The two sides on Wednesday agreed that Japan will control new routes that will pass through part of the US military-controlled airspace in Tokyo.

The government plans to increase the number of international flights using Tokyo's Haneda Airport in the run-up to the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics by creating new flight routes.

The new routes will pass over Shinjuku, Shibuya, Shinagawa, and some other wards at times of southerly winds between 3 and 7 PM.

But emergency aircraft, including helicopters operated by the police and fire departments, some of which carry doctors, often fly near the routes. Sightseeing aircraft fly there as well.

The ministry is to start discussions on creating airspace zones that require flight controller permission for entry to ensure the safety of such light aircraft and passenger airliners.

Officials say they will seek the opinions of people in the field to avoid disrupting the operations of emergency aircraft.