Japan To Help Infrastructure Dev. In Asia Pacific

Japan to help infrastructure dev. in Asia Pacific

Japan's Finance Minister says the country will actively support infrastructure development in countries of the Asia Pacific region which are prone to natural disasters.

Taro Aso spoke on the importance of disaster preparedness during the Asian Development Bank's annual conference in the South Pacific country of Fiji.

Aso said Japan has been frequently hit by natural disasters and is prepared to help other countries with its experience and knowledge.

According to the ADB, natural disasters including typhoons and earthquakes occur often in the Asia Pacific, affecting as much as 84 percent of the world population.

At a seminar preceding the conference, the effects of natural disasters on tourism were discussed.

Aso said that infrastructure needs to be disaster-resilient so that when disasters strike, countries do not lose out twice -- from having to rebuild their infrastructure and economies while missing out on much-needed tourism revenue.