Japan To Present New Radar Evidence

Japan to present new radar evidence

Japan's Defense Ministry is set to release new evidence supporting its claim that a South Korean naval vessel directed its fire-control radar at a Japanese patrol plane last month.

The ministry says it has a recording of a sound from a Maritime Self-Defense Force aircraft that's typically heard when fire-control radar is detected.

They say the tone would have become stronger and weaker if the signals came from a search radar as claimed by South Korea.

Japan's Defense Ministry says the new evidence justifies its position. It's preparing to release soon.

Defense Minister Takeshi Iwaya said, "We must thoroughly explain the situation at some point to avoid creating misunderstanding among Japanese people and the international community."

South Korea's Defense Ministry issued a statement on Saturday, saying it is not desirable to make a one-sided assertion of an inaccurate nature.

But the ministry did not mention if it will disclose its data as requested by Japan.