Japan To Recall 2 Diplomats From S.korea On Monday

Japan to recall 2 diplomats from S.Korea on MondayJapan's government is recalling 2 diplomats from South Korea to protest the installation of a statue symbolizing those referred to as comfort women in front of a Japanese diplomatic mission.
The statue was erected in late December just outside the Japanese consulate general in the city of Busan. A similar statue stands in front of the Japanese embassy in Seoul.

The Japanese government announced on Sunday evening that Ambassador Yasumasa Nagamine and Consul General Yasuhiro Morimoto will return home temporarily on Monday.

Recalling the diplomats is one of 4 measures announced by Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga to protest the installation of the statue. The other measures include suspending negotiations on an agreement to allow Japan and South Korea to exchange foreign currencies in an emergency.

Suga said it is regrettable that the statue was erected despite an agreement between Japan and South Korea in late 2015 to settle the issue of comfort women "finally and irreversibly." He also said the presence of the statues is against the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, which requires host countries to protect diplomatic missions from impairment of their dignity.

The 2 diplomats will brief Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida on the situation and discuss how to deal with the issue.