Japan, Us Agree On New Flight Routes Over Tokyo

Japan, US agree on new flight routes over Tokyo

The Japanese government and the US military have reached a basic agreement on new routes for commercial flights through US-controlled airspace over a part of Tokyo and adjacent areas.

Japan's Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Kotaro Nogami revealed this to reporters on Wednesday.

The Japanese government earlier decided to set up new routes to allow more international flights at Haneda in the run-up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. It says that for this purpose, the new routes need to pass over central Tokyo and nearby airspace controlled by the US Yokota Air Base in Tokyo.

But the US military in Japan had initially rejected the idea, saying it might interfere with their air training.

Nogami said enhancing Haneda's capability is essential to reach the goal of having 40 million foreign travelers.

For domestic affairs, the government is holding a fifth round of briefing sessions for local residents. Officials say they hope to gain the understanding of relevant municipalities and others by around summer, and begin using the new routes in spring next year.