Japanese Airlines Try No - Contact Check - In Systems

Japanese airlines try no-contact check-in systems

Japanese airline companies are working to reduce physical contact during check-in at airports to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

At Tokyo's Haneda Airport, Japan Airlines is testing new machines that can be used without touching the screen.

Sensors around the screen detect the movement of the passenger's finger about three centimeters from the screen.

Two machines will be tested until September 15. After this, Japan Airlines will decide whether to go ahead with a full-scale rollout of the machines based on passengers' reactions.

Maki Yusaku, who works for the company's airport planning section, says eliminating physical contact should put passengers at ease. He adds that the company is working on further preventive measures.

All Nippon Airways has allowed passengers traveling with infants, and those transferring from international flights, to complete domestic check-in online. Until recently, the company had requested that such passengers stop by the check-in counter.