Japanese - American Calls For Travel Ban Suspension

Japanese-American calls for travel ban suspensionThe daughter of a Japanese-American civil rights activist is calling for the suspension of US President Donald Trump's second travel ban.
Trump signed a new executive order on Monday, temporarily barring the entry of people from 6 Muslim-majority countries if they do not already possess a valid visa.

The state of Hawaii has filed a lawsuit with a federal district court to block the revised travel ban. It says it violates the Constitution, which guarantees freedom of religion.

On Friday, Karen Korematsu and a non-profit organization, Korematsu Center, jointly filed a legal brief with the court in support of the state of Hawaii.

They say the second travel ban targets those who are viewed unfavorably by the government in the name of security.

They are calling on the government not to repeat the wartime mistake by discriminating against people based on their nationality or religion.

The federal district court in Hawaii is set to have hearings on the matter next Wednesday, one day before the new ban goes into effect.

During World War Two, the late Fred Korematsu protested against the internment of Japanese Americans authorized under an executive order signed by President Franklin Roosevelt.

Korematsu continued to challenge the constitutionality of the order throughout his life.