Japanese 'ekiben' Boxed Meals Debut In Paris

Japanese 'ekiben' boxed meals debut in Paris

The boxed meals that are sold at train stations in Japan are now available at a new store in Paris.

Hanazen, a maker of "ekiben" boxed meals in Akita Prefecture, northern Japan, opened the outlet in central Paris last Friday. The menu features a chicken-rice dish that is a best-seller at JR Odate Station in Akita. Customers can also buy miso soup for their meals.

The company established a subsidiary in Paris last November. Parisians were able to sample ekiben cuisine at preview events.

The store is currently open at lunchtime on weekdays. Hanazen is planning to set up more outlets at stations in the French capital.

Hanazen President Shuichi Yagihashi says he would like "ekiben" to become a familiar word for Europeans. He says he wants to show that even a small company from Akita Prefecture can take on the world.