Japanese 'ekiben' May Be Sold In Paris Station

Japanese 'Ekiben' may be sold in Paris station

The iconic boxed meals adored by train travelers in Japan could soon be available at a train station in Paris.

A company in northeastern Japan selling local specialty "Ekiben" wants to promote the cuisine in the French capital.

Hanazen is an old Ekiben maker in Akita Prefecture famous for its salty-sweet chicken rice sold at Odate Station.

The company applied to the French national railway for a shop space at the central Paris Gare de Lyon station.

It plans to sell not only boxed meals, but also traditional crafts from Akita, Akita-dogs' toys and locally produced rice, in cooperation with the prefectural government.

The prefecture's officials say they want to further assist the company by providing more information on local crafts and others to promote the prefecture if their plan is accepted by French rail officials.

Hanazen already has a presence in Paris. The company opened a street outlet in July. Its president Shuichi Yagihashi said he hopes his Ekiben sell well, being presented with other local crafts.