Japanese Firms Set Eyes On Job Seekers In S.korea

Japanese firms set eyes on job seekers in S.Korea

Recruiters from Japanese firms are interviewing South Korean job seekers at a recruiting event in South Korea.

The two-day annual job fair organized by South Korea's Employment and Labor Ministry and others opened in Seoul on Tuesday.

Sixty-five Japanese companies, including tech firms and manufacturers, are attending the event.

Many South Korean students who want to land jobs at Japanese firms were speaking with interviewers in fluent Japanese.

The organizers expect about 1,500 jobseekers to be interviewed during the event.

Youth jobless rates remain high in South Korea. Last year, the figure for people aged between 15 and 29 was 9.5 percent.

More Japanese firms are looking for South Korean workers amid a labor shortage.

An official from a western Japanese firm says a South Korean worker at the company is capable and good at Japanese. The official says the firm wants to hire more from the country.

A South Korean man says he hopes to be a bridge between the two countries by working for a Japanese firm.

The organizers had initially planned to invite mostly Japanese firms to hold the event in September. But they delayed, as bilateral ties soured over wartime labor and other issues.

They also invited firms from the United States and Asia to open the event two months behind the initial schedule.