Japanese Industry Minister Resigns

Japanese Industry Minister resigns

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has accepted his Industry Minister's resignation. It comes after a report alleged Isshu Sugawara's office gave money and gifts to some of his constituents.

The allegation surfaced in a weekly magazine.

The Shukan Bunshun reported Sugawara's secretary offered about $200 to a bereaved family in his Tokyo district earlier this month.

It's tradition in Japan to give condolence money to grieving families at funerals.

It also alleged his office sent flowers to them along with another family.

Japan's election law bans politicians from sending donations to voters in their home constituencies.

Opposition lawmakers pounced on the magazine's report.

And calls were growing among the governing parties for Sugawara to clarify the issue, leading him to announce his resignation before a Diet meeting in Tokyo that has since been postponed.