Japanese Journalist For Us Affairs Dies

Japanese journalist for US affairs dies

Japanese journalist Fumio Matsuo, who steadfastly supported post-war reconciliation between Japan and the United States, has died at the age of 85.

Matsuo passed away at a hotel in New York on Monday from what are believed to be natural causes.

Matsuo urged Japanese and US leaders to pay mutual visits to the atomic-bombed city of Hiroshima and Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.

He joined Kyodo News Agency in 1956 and served as chief of its Bangkok and Washington bureaus. After retiring, Matsuo returned to journalism at the age of 68 and had been working as an expert on US affairs.

In 2016, Matsuo went to Hiroshima himself to cover the historical visit to the city by former US President Barack Obama.

More recently, he had been focusing on the historical reconciliation between North and South Korea.

Last month, Matsuo said in a magazine article that Japan and South Korea are facing a new time of trial.

He suggested that Japan start by watching how South Korea considers its response to strained ties, and dealing with the country in a quiet manner.