Japan's Defense Chief Inspects Chinese Army Drill

Japan's defense chief inspects Chinese army drill

Japanese Defense Minister Taro Kono has visited a facility of the Chinese army to inspect its counter-terrorism drill.

Kono is visiting China as the first Japanese defense minister to visit the country in ten years.

On Thursday, Kono visited a facility of a guard division of the People's Liberation Army Ground Force on the outskirts of Beijing. The army division is tasked with defending the capital.

Kono watched soldiers hitting targets about 100 meters apart with their automatic rifles.

One drill was based on a scenario that terrorists attacked a building in Beijing.

Kono witnessed soldiers climbing the wall quickly to land on the rooftop, and storming inside the building.

Defense leaders in Japan and China have agreed to coordinate for Chinese defense minister Wei Fenghe to visit Japan next year.

Kono is expected to call for more transparency in China's rapid military modernization by carrying out exchanges of defense officials and deepening mutual understanding.