Japan's Defense Ministry Dismisses N.korea Claims

Japan's defense ministry dismisses N.Korea claims

Japan's defense ministry has dismissed what it says is an attempt by North Korea to drive a wedge between Tokyo and Washington. The ministry says Japan and the United States are in sync over the issue of North Korean missiles, and will continue to closely monitor developments following a series of recent test launches.

The comment follows a statement on Sunday by Kwong Jong Gun, a North Korean foreign ministry official in charge of American affairs.

Kwong justified the North Korea's recent launches by saying US President Donald Trump has indicated that short-range missile tests are permissible.

Kwong said, "even the US president made a remark which in effect recognizes the self-defensive rights of a sovereign state."

The Japanese defense ministry says there is no discord between Japan and the US, as the defense ministers agreed in their recent meeting.

It says Japan's defense minister and the US defense secretary have agreed to work together to get the North to dismantle all types of ballistic missiles.