Japan's Government Sets Up Special Task Force

Japan's government sets up special task force

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says the government is setting up an emergency taskforce to get the full picture of damage from Typhoon Hagibis and to take every possible measure to save people's lives.

Relevant ministers met at the Prime Minister's office on Sunday morning.

Abe said that he prays for souls of those who lost their lives and for the wellbeing of everyone affected by the storm.

He said that in addition to personnel from police, fire departments and the coast guard, 27,000 Self-Defense Force members have been deployed for search and rescue operations. He added that such effort will be enhanced as needed.

Abe also said that the typhoon has caused the suspension of electricity, water and transportation services, affecting people's lives. He said the government will do its utmost to cooperate with utilities and transport operators so services can be resumed as soon as possible.