Japan's Imports Of Us Meat Sluggish

Japan's imports of US meat sluggish

Japan's imports of beef and pork from members of the Trans-Pacific Partnership pact and the European Union increased in the first half of this year. Imports of pork from the United States dropped, while those of beef increased slightly.

The TPP free trade pact took effect in December, and the Economic Partnership Agreement with the EU took effect in February. Tariffs on US imports remained unchanged as Washington withdrew from the TPP.

Finance Ministry trade statistics show that pork imports from Denmark increased around 7 percent year-on-year and imports from Canada grew about 4 percent.

But imports of American pork declined by around 3 percent.

The gap is more significant for beef products. Imports from Canada almost doubled, while those from New Zealand grew 44 percent, and increased 26 percent from Mexico. But US beef imports increased only 5 percent.

American meat producers are calling on Japan to lower tariffs to the same level as the TPP.

Washington wants a more open market for its farm products, while Tokyo is seeking lower tariffs on its auto exports.

Trade representatives from the two countries have been speeding up negotiations in an effort to reach a deal in September.