Japan's State Minister For Land Resigns

Japan's state minister for land resigns

A Japanese lawmaker has resigned from his ministerial post following a controversial comment he made about a road project involving the prime minister.

State Minister Ichiro Tsukada made the comment at a campaign event. He was discussing a road construction project and said it was being done as a favor to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Abe's deputy.

But, the favor was never actually discussed. Instead, Tsukada said it was done because of a term in Japanese, "sontaku," which means choosing to read between the lines to decide what another person wants done.

Tsukada said Abe never told him to do the work but he nonetheless believed that was what Abe wanted.

Tsukada has since retracted his remarks, saying they did not reflect the truth.

Opposition lawmakers are demanding that Tsukada testify in the Diet. This is not the first time the term "sontaku" has been brought up in a political scandal.
It's believed other controversies also involved people interpreting the will of the prime minister.