Jebi Left Widespread Trail Of Destruction

Jebi left widespread trail of destruction

Typhoon Jebi also left a trail of widespread destruction beyond the airport. It was the strongest storm to hit Japan in a quarter of a century.

In the ancient capital of Kyoto, Jebi ravaged a world heritage site, Nishi-Honganji temple. The typhoon damaged a traditional theatre roof and other structures that are considered important cultural assets in the country.

Jebi also caused record high tides... with storm surges flooding wide areas.

In Hyogo prefecture, about 100 cars went up in flames... it's believed sea water reacted with their batteries.
Although the typhoon disrupted major transportation links in the country, shinkansen bullet train services are now back to their regular schedules. Some local trains are still experiencing delays.

In Osaka, about 2,000 traffic lights stopped working.