Jmsdf Destroyer Joins Malaysian Navy Drill

JMSDF destroyer joins Malaysian navy drill

A Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force destroyer has conducted a joint exercise with the Malaysian navy.

The Asagiri made a port call at Kuantan in eastern Malaysia on Wednesday. The vessel was on its way home after completing a counter-piracy mission off Somalia.

The Asagiri took part in the joint drill and other exchange activities during the three-day visit.

Malaysia is strategically important in terms of sea traffic as it faces the Strait of Malacca and the South China Sea.

Japan hopes to promote the rule of law and freedom of navigation and ensure the safety of sea lanes in the South China Sea, where China has boosted its presence by building military outposts.

The Asagiri's captain, Yuichi Haeno, says he believes that exchanges with the Malaysian navy are important, as they can contribute to the stability of the South China Sea and the surrounding areas. He adds that he hopes to further strengthen such ties.