Job Website Gets 2nd Warning Over Mishandling Data

Job website gets 2nd warning over mishandling data

The operator of a job-hunting website has been slapped with a second warning over improper management of personal data. The company was previously cited for selling information on job-seeking students.

Human-resources services firm Recruit Career operates the job-hunting website Rikunabi. The company estimated how likely it was that student job-seekers would decline employment offers, based on their browsing history.

The company was given the first warning in August for selling the data without the users' consent.

A government panel on privacy protection issued the warning over newly found improprieties in personal data management to Recruit Career on Wednesday, based on the Personal Data Protection Law.

The panel conducted a further probe. Findings suggested that while the data did not identify individual students, the purchasing firms were easily able to do so by analyzing user records.

The panel determined that Recruit Career continued to sell data while fully aware of this fact, calling the practice extremely inappropriate.

The number of student job-seekers whose data was sold this fiscal year was initially put at about 8,000. The probe revealed the actual number was about 26,000, including those from the previous fiscal year.

The panel told 37 firms that purchased the data to rectify the practice. They were cited for improper management of personal data.