Joc Head Denies Corruption Allegations

JOC head denies corruption allegations

The head of Japan's Olympic Committee is denying any wrongdoing related to allegations he used bribes to help secure the 2020 Tokyo Games.

Tsunekazu Takeda is currently under formal investigation by French authorities.

The case relates to a 2 million dollar payment to a Singapore-based firm with links to the son of an influential International Olympic Committee member.

During a news conference on Tuesday, Takeda said he signed off on the payment, but the documents and transactions were approved by people on the ground.

He said, "As for the contract with Black Tidings, I was not involved in the decision making process in any shape or form. The JOC's internal probe has concluded that the payment to the firm was proper compensation for consulting services. I will prove my innocence by fully cooperating with French authorities."

The former IOC member allegedly connected to the firm is currently facing separate corruption charges in France.

Takeda's news conference lasted less than 10 minutes. And he did not take any questions from journalists, pointing to the ongoing French probe.

Associated Press correspondent Stephen Wade said, "In Brazil in Rio de Janeiro. We spent a lot of time writing about corruption. This is very similar .. Tokyo has been going so well and this is a black mark in Tokyo games."

Japan's Sports Minister says the country's Olympic Committee has a responsibility to clear up any doubt about the allegations.