Kabuki Play 'snow White' Opens In Tokyo

Kabuki play 'Snow White' opens in Tokyo

A new kabuki play adapted from the world famous Grimm's fairy tale "Snow White" has opened at Tokyo's Kabukiza theatre.

Bando Tamasaburo plays Snow White. He normally performs female roles in kabuki plays.

Nakamura Kotaro plays Snow White's mother, who tries to kill her daughter out of jealousy.

The seven dwarfs were played by child actors.

The show contains familiar scenes from the original story, such as the one in which Snow White eats the poisoned apple given to her by her mother. It also contains elements of kabuki theatre, such as traditional dances performed to koto music. The koto is a stringed instrument.

The audience applauded enthusiastically when Tamasaburo danced, as he exquisitely expressed the bewilderment Snow White felt after being expelled from the castle.

A woman in her 30s said she enjoyed the show because the creator took a new approach to the original work. She also said Tamasaburo played the role beautifully.