Kepco Chairman Received Gifts And Money Earlier

KEPCO chairman received gifts and money earlier

It has been learned that the chairman of Kansai Electric Power Company received money and gifts earlier than the date provided at a news conference on Friday.

Then, KEPCO President Shigeki Iwane told reporters that 20 employees received the money and gifts from Eiji Moriyama, former deputy mayor of the town of Takahama. He named himself and Chairman Makoto Yagi as being among the recipients.

The gifts had a total value of about 3 million dollars. The town hosts one of the firm's nuclear power plants.

Iwane explained that the money and gifts were received from 2011 to 2018.

But on Saturday, Yagi told NHK that he had received money and gifts for 4 prior years starting in 2006. He admitted that his information differs from that provided on Friday.

Yagi said Friday's explanation was insufficient, as the firm only investigated personnel who were in related posts during the period indicated at the news conference.

On Friday, KEPCO didn't disclose who received what and how much money. The lack of clarity has evoked criticism of the corporate stance of refusing to disclose the information, on the grounds that it all took place at a personal level.

Amid the circumstances, KEPCO plans to hold another news conference soon.