Kitty - Cats Have A Place All Their Own On Tatami Mini - Mats

Kitty-cats have a place all their own on tatami mini-matsCats, if they didn't think they owned the place already, can now get a small slice of the universe all for themselves, with the release of small hexagonal tatami mats designed to accommodate exactly one furry bottom.

Called "neko hoihoi tatami" ("tatami for spoiled cats"), the idea for the mats is grounded in the fact that many kitties are drawn to enclosed, bordered spaces.

The tatami mats are 43 centimeters wide. The rush grass used in making them is entirely domestic, and their cloth borders are decorated with cat paw prints. They were developed by tatami manufacturer Nagomi -- a Kyoto-based shop that dates back to the beginning of the Meiji era.

"Even though the mats are for cats, we have carefully crafted each one individually," commented a Nagomi representative.

The mats are available for 3,240 yen (including tax). For more information, call (075) 861-0076 (in Japanese).