Kobe Santa Claus Wears Brave Blossoms Uniform

Kobe Santa Claus wears Brave Blossoms uniform

A Santa Claus figure decorating the roof of a house at a Kobe tourist spot wears the uniform of the Brave Blossoms, Japan's national rugby team that made its first final eight in the recent rugby world cup, which was held in Japan.

Every Christmas season a mansion called "Uroko-no-ie," or "house of scales," in the western port city's former foreign residential area, displays on its roof figures of people who made the news during the year.

The Santa Claus in the Brave Blossoms uniform holds a sign with the word "Reiwa," the name of Japan's new era. Another figure resembles rugby team captain Michael Leitch clad in a red and white lateral-striped uniform.

One figure depicts basketball sensation Rui Hachimura, who became the first player from Japan to be selected in the first round of the NBA draft. He now plays for the Washington Wizards.

Another figure was modeled after Sumire Nakamura, who at the age of 10 became the youngest professional Go player this year. The figure holds a tapioca drink, which became popular among Japanese youth this year.

One visitor said the display does a good job of depicting the big newsmakers of the year. The figures will be on display until Christmas.