Koizumi: Japan To Give Positive Message At Cop25

Koizumi: Japan to give positive message at COP25

Japan's Environment Minister Shinjiro Koizumi says he will do his best to explain the country's use of coal-fired power generation at the UN climate conference in Madrid.

Koizumi is to attend a ministerial-level meeting at the COP25 summit next week.

Koizumi told a news conference in Tokyo on Friday that he thinks it is inevitable that he will have to explain Japan's use of fossil energy. Japan has been facing international criticism over the issue. The minister said his government will have to consider raising Japan's emission reduction target.

Koizumi said he is prepared to deliver a positive message, but there are some difficulties. He added that he would like to convey his own thoughts on the issue as well.

Japan was given a satirical "Fossil of the Day" award by an international environmental NGO on Tuesday. The award is given to parties deemed reluctant to address global warming.

Koizumi said that if Japan receives the award again during the summit, he will accept it himself. He said he wants to explain that Japan is desperately trying to tackle climate change despite the various limitations it faces.