Koizumi: Support For Coal Should Be Reviewed

Koizumi: Support for coal should be reviewed

Japan's Environment Minister Shinjiro Koizumi has indicated his country's support for building coal-fired power plants overseas should be reviewed.

Koizumi spoke to about 50 reporters from Japan and other nations in Spain, where the COP25 UN climate change conference is underway.

A reporter from a German newspaper asked him about Japan's concrete plans on its coal-fired power generation.

Koizumi responded that unlike other countries, Japan cannot immediately pledge to phase out coal or fossil fuels.

But he said he thinks the Japanese government will be able to take positive action regarding its support for building coal-fired power plants abroad.

A reporter of a US news agency asked if he means that he thinks Japan should stop exporting coal-fired power plants.

Koizumi responded he thought the government would be able to send a positive signal to change something, and that he coordinated with relevant ministries.

But he said he was not able to give a definite response before the COP25 conference. He said he wants to continue his talks with concerned ministries.