Komeito Unveils Campaign Promises

Komeito unveils campaign promises

Ruling coalition partner Komeito has announced its platform for the Upper House election, set to take place in late July. The party's pledges include slashing allowances paid to Diet members and raising the average national minimum wage.

Komeito Chief Representative Natsuo Yamaguchi gave a news conference on Wednesday. He said Komeito's campaign slogan would tout the party's "ability to listen to small voices."

The party pledges to cut lawmaker salaries by 10 percent. It says the consumption tax hike to 10 percent in October will put an extra burden on the public, and it is only natural that Diet members make sacrifices, too.

Komeito is also calling for an increase in the average national minimum wage to over 1,000 yen, or about nine dollars, by the early 2020s. It also pledges to help small and medium-sized firms raise wages.

The party has also put forward policies to deal with Japan's rapidly aging population. These include research into the prevention of dementia and subsidies for developing drugs to treat the condition.

Komeito also says it places great importance on the prevention and reduction of disaster risks. It says it promises to do all it can to raise awareness of the issue.

The party also touches on possible constitutional amendment. It says it does not deny it could happen, but is offering to make changes by appending necessary provisions as new challenges and perspectives arise.

Komeito expresses caution over the ruling Liberal Democratic Party's aim to have the existence of the Self-Defense Forces stipulated in the Constitution. It says many citizens do not view the SDF as currently unconstitutional and is calling for prudent debate on the issue.