Krosa Expected To Hit Western Japan On Thursday

Krosa expected to hit western Japan on Thursday

A severe tropical storm may make landfall in western Japan on Thursday, bringing torrential rains, violent winds and rough seas.

The Meteorological Agency estimates that Krosa was situated 300 kilometers southeast of Tanegashima Island in Kagoshima Prefecture at 8 a.m. on Wednesday.

The agency says the storm is slowly moving west-northwest, churning sustained winds of 108 kilometers per hour and gusts of 144 kilometers per hour.

The agency says Krosa may change its course northward and approach the western regions of Kyushu and Shikoku. It adds the storm may sweep through western Japan on Thursday.

Krosa has been sending developed rainclouds over southern Kyushu and strong intermittent rain in the Kii Peninsula.

Predicted rainfall for the 24 hours through Thursday morning are 500 millimeters in southern Kyushu, Shikoku and Tokai, and 400 in northern Kyushu and Kansai.

Expected rainfall for the 24 hours through Friday morning are 600 to 800 millimeters in Shikoku and Tokai, 400 to 600 in Kansai, and 200 to 300 northern Kyushu, Chugoku, Hokuriku and Kanto-Koshin.

Overall precipitation may exceed 1,000 millimeters in some areas.

Krosa is also expected to bring strong winds to the Pacific side of western Japan through Thursday, with 108 kilometers per hour predicted for Shikoku and 97 kilometers for southern Kyushu. Gust speeds are expected to reach 144 to 162 kilometers per hour.

The seas are already rough. Expected wave heights through Thursday are 10 meters along the coastal areas of Shikoku and 9 meters along the shores of Kyushu, Kansai and Tokai.

People are advised to stay on the alert for violent winds, high waves, and storm surges, as well as mudslides, floods and swollen rivers.