Krosa Leaves 1 Dead In Western Japan


A severe tropical storm has barreled through western Japan, leaving one person dead and more than 30 others injured.

Officials are urging people across a wide area to stay alert for swollen rivers, strong winds, high waves and landslides.

The Meteorological Agency says Krosa is moving north after passing through Hiroshima and Shimane prefectures. The storm has brought violent winds and torrential rain.

Some areas have seen more than 700 millimeters of rainfall. More heavy downpours are expected for wide areas along the Pacific coast on Friday.

Officials have issued warnings of possible landslides in Yamanashi, Ehime, Tokushima, Wakayama and Nara prefectures. The storm is also expected to bring heavy rain to the northern part of the country through Saturday.

The storm has disrupted transport during the peak summer holiday period in Japan.

Airlines canceled over 800 domestic flights on Thursday. They say the backlog will cause some more flight cancellations on Friday morning. They are advising passengers to check online for the latest flight information.

Bullet train services in western Japan were either cancelled or reduced on Thursday. They are expected to be back to normal on Friday. But railway companies say some regular trains will be cancelled while they check to make sure nothing is blocking the tracks.