Kyoto Animation: Original Images Remain On Server

Kyoto Animation: Original images remain on server

Officials from Kyoto Animation say they have found data of some original anime images on a computer server that survived the deadly arson attack on its studio.

The animation studio lost a lot of material, including original stills of popular anime works that were drawn on paper, in the July 18 fire that killed 35 people.

The officials say the company's server survived undamaged in a room with concrete walls on the first floor of the three-story building.

They say they were able to retrieve all of the original images on the server by Monday with help from experts.

The company plans to sort out the data and use it to continue production.

The studio says it received donations of more than 960 million yen, or about nine million dollars, in six days after it opened a bank account on Wednesday to receive support from people in Japan and abroad.

The firm says it will use the contributions to support distraught employees and their families.