Kyoto Animation President Says Work Will Continue

Kyoto Animation president says work will continue

The president of Kyoto Animation has held his first news conference since the deadly arson attack on the company's studio three months ago. The incident on July 18 has killed 36 people.

Hideaki Hatta on Friday pledged to continue making quality work with remaining members of the studio.

He said his heart aches when he thinks of the bereaved families, and he cannot rest even after three months.

Hatta thanked the public for their messages and donations to the company, saying they made him realize how many people Kyoto Animation had reached.

The president said 27 of the 33 injured staff have returned to work with the support of their colleagues, though many still suffer terrible stress.

Hatta emphasized that as a team of creators, Kyoto Animation will continue to reach people through its works, not by words.

Police have obtained an arrest warrant for 41-year-old Shinji Aoba, on suspicion of arson and murder.

When asked for his thoughts about the suspect, Hatta said he would like to ask him what he was thinking when he committed the act, as so many people either died, were injured or had their lives destroyed.

A lawyer who accompanied Hatta revealed the company is considering a plan to demolish the damaged studio.