Kyoto Animation Releases First Film After Attack

Kyoto Animation releases first film after attack

The Japanese animation production company Kyoto Animation has released its first new film since a deadly arson attack at one of its studios in July that killed 35 of its employees.

The film was released nationwide on Friday. At a movie theater in Kyoto City, many fans came to see it.

The film is called "Violet Evergarden Gaiden: Eien to Jido Shuki Ningyo," which means Violet Evergarden side story: Eternity and the auto memory dolls.

It's a cinematic version of a hit TV series about estranged sisters who become close again because of the protagonist, whose job is to write letters for others.

Kyoto Animation says the film was completed a day before the July 18 arson attack and that all the animators who were injured or died were involved in the production.

The studio's usual style is only to list in the credits those who have worked for at least a year at the company. But this time, everyone involved is listed at the request of the director.

A lawyer for Kyoto Animation says the film is a testimony to the lives of everyone at the studio, including those who perished or were injured in the attack, and that the studio hopes people will enjoy the film.

A tearful university student in the audience said she was impressed by the beautiful animation and nuanced expression.

She also said many fans are supporting the studio.

The film will be shown at cinemas across Japan until September 26.