Kyoto Arson Suspect Wanted 'many Injuries'

Kyoto arson suspect wanted 'many injuries'

The suspect of the deadly arson attack at the Kyoto Animation studio in July has reportedly told investigators that he targeted a particular studio to cause the maximum amount of injuries.

Shinji Aoba set fire to the studio in Fushimi Ward, Kyoto City, leaving 36 employees dead and 33 others injured.

The suspect himself sustained serious burns.

Sources close to the investigation quote Aoba as saying that he targeted the company's number one studio, where the most people were working because he wanted to cause as many injuries as possible.

Police have obtained an arrest warrant for Aoba based on arson and murder. They questioned him for the first time on Friday, while monitoring his condition.

Aoba has also reportedly admitted that he planned the attack from the time he left his home in Saitama Prefecture, near Tokyo.

Investigators say that Aoba arrived in Kyoto three days before the crime. They say that on the day of the fire he was carrying knives to attack anyone who got in his way.

In the past, Aoba had submitted two novels to the studio which were rejected because they were improperly formatted.

He claims he set fire to the studio because they stole his work.

The suspect has reportedly told police that he expects to be sentenced to death.

Police plan to arrest Aoba once he recovers.