Latest Devices For Chilling Out In Summer

Latest devices for chilling out in summer

Summers in Japan can become muggy and scorching hot. Some companies are offering relief, with products designed to keep people cool and comfortable.

About 90 firms have been taking part in a trade fair in Tokyo. Lots of visitors are showing interest in wearable cooling devices.

An appliance maker in Tokyo showed off a device that sends chills to the neck.

Once a battery unit is connected, temperatures on the surface of a pair of pads drop to 10 to 15 degrees Celsius lower than the surrounding air. It weighs only 135 grams.

The product was launched last month, with a price tag of around 74 dollars. Its maker says it is selling well.

A vest uses a system of tubes to help people chill out.

A pump sends iced water from a backpack and circulates it throughout the vest.

The 2020 Summer Olympics and Paralympics kick off in Tokyo in about a year from now. A big issue is how officials and visitors will cope with the heat.

An official from the firm, Jun Kondo, said his company hopes to take advantage of big events like the Olympics to expand its market. He said the vest can be useful for security guards and other staff who work outside.

The exhibition will run until Thursday at Tokyo Big Sight.