Lawmaker Quits Ldp After Sexual Assault Accusation

Lawmaker quits LDP after sexual assault accusation

A member of Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party has left the party for his alleged sexual assault of a woman he had been dating.

46-year-old lawmaker Tsuyoshi Tabata submitted a notice of his departure after the woman filed a complaint with the police that he had sexually assaulted her in December.

On Thursday, the LDP held its disciplinary committee meeting and approved his departure as he requested. During the session, some demanded imposing a heavier punishment and having him expelled.

Tabata was first elected to the Lower House of the Diet in 2012 and is in his third term.

Voices demanding his resignation as a lawmaker are also rising from both ruling and opposition camps.

The woman told NHK that she was assaulted by Tabata while she was asleep at home after the two had dined together in the city of Nagoya, central Japan, on December 24.

She said that apart from the complaint, she also submitted a victim report to the police as she had found video recordings of her in the nude on his mobile phone.