Leopalace 21 Finds Defects In Over 1,300 Buildings

Leopalace 21 finds defects in over 1,300 buildings

A major Japanese real estate leasing company says it has found defects in more than 1,300 buildings nationwide.

Leopalace 21 found that fireproof structures and soundproofing materials in ceilings and outer walls of 1,324 apartment buildings did not meet government standards.

The discovery came when Leopalace inspected about 40,000 buildings across Japan, after the company was found last year to have failed to install fire resistant walls in more than 200 apartment buildings as required by law.

Leopalace President Eisei Miyama apologized for the matter at a news conference on Thursday. He said the cause was the stance at construction sites of focusing on raising work efficiency.

Company officials say they will ask 7,782 residents in at least 641 defective buildings with insufficient fireproof structures in the ceilings to move out at the firm's cost.

Leopalace says it plans to carry out repairs on the buildings in question, and conduct hearings with people responsible to uncover the cause of the matter.