Listed Firms Report Typhoon Damage

Listed firms report typhoon damage

A private-sector credit research company says a total of 34 listed firms operating in Japan had buildings and production equipment flooded or destroyed as a result of Typhoon Hagibis.

The tally was compiled by Tokyo Shoko Research, based on data released by listed firms by Wednesday on the storm's effects on business operations. Hagibis ripped through Japan last weekend.

The 34 firms are among 40 whose operations were affected in some way, including temporary closures of retail outlets.

Twelve firms reported that products were damaged, factories suspended, and distribution disrupted.

Automaker Subaru has suspended two plants in Gunma Prefecture since Wednesday afternoon, saying a parts supplier was flooded.

Household products maker Okamoto Industries has halted its plant operations in Fukushima Prefecture as it was almost entirely inundated with water. It says items in stock were damaged.

The research company says the typhoon's effects on corporate activities could be felt across the country if supply chains remain disrupted for a long period.