Lower House Votes Down No - Confidence Motion

Lower House votes down no-confidence motion

A no-confidence motion against the Cabinet of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has been voted down in the lower chamber of the Diet.

The Lower House plenary session deliberated on Tuesday on the motion submitted jointly by four opposition parties and a group.

The leader of the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan, Yukio Edano, criticized what he described as the Cabinet's irresponsible and insincere attitude toward pension payments and the consumption tax.

The acting secretary-general of the main governing Liberal Democratic Party, Koichi Hagiuda, countered that the Abe Cabinet and the LDP have promoted policies that give pride and hope to the next generation.

The motion was voted down by the LDP, its coalition partner Komeito and Nippon Ishin Japan Innovation Party.

The current session of the Diet ends on Wednesday. Campaigning for the Upper House election is expected to kick off on July 4 and voting will probably take place on July 21.