Macao Eases Restrictions On Japanese Food Imports

Macao eases restrictions on Japanese food imports

Macao has relaxed restrictions on Japanese food imports that were put in place following the 2011 nuclear accident in Fukushima.

Japanese agriculture ministry officials say the trade restrictions were eased last Thursday.

The move allows vegetables, fruits, and dairy products to be imported from nine prefectures, including Miyagi Prefecture.

In addition, beef and fishery products from those prefectures will no longer be subjected to radiation screenings before being shipped to Macao.

Ministry officials say Japanese foods are popular with affluent people in Macao. They also say that they expect food exports to the Chinese territory to increase.

But Macao's ban on imports of fruit, fishery products, and other food items from Fukushima Prefecture remains in place. Tokyo says it will continue to call on Macao to scrap it.