Mao Kobayashi Makes First Tv Appearance Since Cancer Battle Became Public

Mao Kobayashi makes first TV appearance since cancer battle became publicNewscaster Mao Kobayashi -- who is currently battling breast cancer -- made her first television appearance since her illness was made public, in a special TV program shown on Jan. 9 on Nippon TV.
The program, which was titled "I am Ichikawa Ebizo," focused particularly on the relationship between 34-year-old Kobayashi and her 39-year-old kabuki actor husband Ichikawa Ebizo.

Footage included Kobayashi being filmed in her hospital room on Jan. 4, in which she says, "Having experienced agony and sadness together with my husband, in a way that cannot be shared, I have come to understand my husband's way of thinking and mental attitude." She added tearfully, "When I overcome this ordeal, I hope to become a better wife."

The program also included footage of Ichikawa visiting Kobayashi in hospital on New Year's Eve.