Massive Blackout Continues After Typhoon Trami

Massive blackout continues after Typhoon Trami

Typhoon Trami has left hundreds of thousands of households in central Japan without electricity.

The powerful storm tore across the archipelago from Sunday into Monday morning.

It caused a massive blackout in Shizuoka Prefecture, where there were power cuts in more than 700,000 homes. The outage hit over 40 percent of households whose power is supplied by Chubu Electric Power Company.

The power cuts also resulted in local police mobilizing officers for traffic control, as about 1,800 traffic lights stopped working.

The operator of a fish wholesale market in Hamamatsu City suspended shipping and closed a large freezer to keep fishery products fresh during the outage.

As of 5 AM on Tuesday, some 200,000 households in Shizuoka and more than 19,000 households in Aichi and Mie Prefectures were still without power.

Chubu Electric Power Company says it will take several more days to repair power grids and fully restore electricity.